Turkey Medical Tourism

Turkey is one of the most advanced country in healthcare in the world.

Numerous international community services are performed, including the medical training program for medical doctors in developing countries and operating projects to help those countries build medical facilities.

It is our belief that Turkey is responsible to serve international patients who are looking for better services at an affordable cost.

The most reliable and the most advanced healthcare services

  • Turkey provides a world-class healthcare services accompanied by highly advanced facilities and cutting-edge technology.
  • The quality of care provided in Turkey is managed by the government through hospital accreditation and strict evaluation program. -Turkey physicians, medical specialists and surgeons are well-respected amongst international medical societies.

Affordable prices

  • The overall price is 20~30% of the cost in the US.
  • Less expensive than international hospital in European countries and Similar to the price of private hospital in Singapure and India.
  • The quality of care provided exceeds the cost.

Easy Accessibility

  • Geopolitically, Turkey is easy to travel anywhere in the world.
  • It is less than 4 hours flight distance from West and East European countries, Russia, Middle East Countries, and Southeast Asian countries.
  • Direct flights are available from major cities in America European countries Middle East countries.
  • Waiting time is no longer than 2 days.

Turkey is safe and hygenic, no need to vacanies

  • Has high standard quality of care.